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Oval Belt Fasteners

Oval Belt Fasteners

Oval Belt Fasteners are Used in Lap & Saddle Back Belt Joining These Fasteners are Manufactured in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel as Well as in Malleable Casting.

We mainly Manufacture the Following Sizes of Oval Belt Fasteners :

3/8”x 11/2″(14G), 3/8” x 2″(14G), 5/16” x 11/4″ (18G/16G), ¼” x 1″(16G/18G)

Other sizes can be made as per request

Our Oval Belt Fasteners are Painted Auto Black for Longer Life & Rust Prevention. We Also Provide Them in Yellow Zinc Plating as per Customer Requirements and Demand

Product Name Oval Belt Fasteners
Material Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Casting Malleable
MOQ 5000 Pieces
Supply Ability 50000 Pieces
Brand Name Balaji International
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