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Polyester Felt Needle Punched

Polyester Felt Needle Punched

Polyester Felt

Balaji International India is leading polyester felt supplier and polyester felt exporter located at Kolkata, India.

Polyester felt is a synthetic needle punched felt made from polyester fibers. Material is supplied in many colors like black, white, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey Etc. This general purpose felt is made in various densities with thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm. Polyester felt is fairly inexpensive, and often made in comparable density and thickness to SAE pressed wool felt. The maximum temperature of polyester felt is 300 degree F., compared to 200 degrees for SAE pressed felts. This material is commonly used for filtration applications, gaskets, wipers, and padding in a wide variety of industries. The density of polyester felt is commonly measured in Gram/Square meter.

Needle Punched Felt

Needle punched felt refers to felt that is made by vertically needling fibers together to achieve a desired thickness and density. Needled felt is commonly made from wool, synthetic and other re-processed fibers.

When viewing a cross-section of needled punched felt, the fibers lay vertically, as opposed to pressed felt, where the fibers lay horizontally. Needle punched wool felt normally contains a lower percentage of wool as compared to SAE wool felts, and is therefore less expensive. F-15N and F-26N are the two standard type of needle punched wool felt. Balaji International can also make needle punched equivalents to SAE grade F-3 and F-7 pressed wool felts. These normally have lower wool content than their SAE grade counterparts, but are made to comparable densities. These materials are often used for packaging, crating, and lining applications, where a lower grade felt is acceptable.

Cotton Felt for Automobiles

Felts due to its lightweight but durable nature are extensively being used in various forms and shapes in the manufacture of modern automobiles for heat insulation; sound proofing; between plastic and metal parts and for aesthetic purposes.

Thermobond felt with 500 GSMM to 3000 GSM for all the automotive applications.

Non Woven Filter Fabric

Synthetic as a fiber has far better air permeability ratio vis-a-vis other natural fibers and hence finds uses in air filters for automobile, cement, ceramics and other industry. Diesel and other viscous hydrocarbon fluids are also best filtered through felts made of PE, PES due to its corresponding properties of heat resistance and filtration. Felt media of proper specification can enhance the life cycle of the Filter.

Non Woven/Technical Felts
  • Material Used: Polyester, Polypropylene, Viscose, Cotton and Wool.
  • Thickness: 1 mm to 20 mm
  • Length: As per customers Requirements.
  • Density: Min-100 GSM Max-3000 GSM
  • Color: White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey Etc.
  • Industries: Steel, Automobiles, Electronics, Filters, Metal Etc.

Synthetic Felt for Steel Companies

Balaji International has recently introduced Felts to be used by Metal Rolling Mills to take care of the problem of ‘Acidic’ nature on the felts at the time of rolling the metal at the skin-pass. This product has been benchmarked with German Companies and is similar to the felts available from German felt Mills in all aspects.

This felt grade is specifically made for manufacture and processing of Premium Grades of Cold-Rolled Steels used for Automobiles, White goods, non-ferrous metals, galvanizing, etc.

This Grade is consistently exported by Balaji International to lots of steel Mills in U.S. and Europe apart from being used by the following Domestic Mills catering to automobiles and silicon steel segment.

  • Physical Properties: 100% Virgin Polyester Fibre
  • Color: White
  • GSM: 700 to 3600 gms

Used in Cold Rolling Mills, Hot Rolling Mills, Steel Slitters, Cushioning Purpose as felt pads.

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